Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Was the last day of Finals for me.  Thank God. When I got done with my Med Surg test I  went to The Kura Door Day Spa, I had the nicest time. If you live in Utah and have not been to this spa, you have to go. I had the Ofuro and a massage from a girl named Holly. Oh she gave me the best massage ever. I feel so much better this evening. Classes are done for the semester and I passed them all.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

We had quite a feast today moussaka, rolls, caramelized brussel sprouts with pecans, pomegranate, fennel and watercress salad, mashed potatoes with lima bean gravy and two homemade pumpkin pies with fresh whipped soy cream. Unfortunately the morning was so jammed packed there was no  time for photos. With Jonathon at work it took all of my efforts just to get dinner cooked in time. We had enough food for a whole other family. I spent a lot of time today thinking about what I am grateful for. Most obviously I am thankful for my family, our health. As much as I complain about it I am grateful that I am in School 18 months left to go and only 5 more classes this semester. I am thankful my life has led me to where I am and I am grateful that I am able to share my life with those I love.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Well, it is Monday morning, around here it is busy josiah and i are getting ready for school. I have one class this week and then vacation. Josiah goes to school until Wednesday, which is only a half-day for him. This Thanksgiving is the first that we will spend with just the three of us. We are having a very non-traditional meal,  but it will be delicious. We will of course have Pumpkin pie. I have already had to make Pumpkin pie this year at Josiah's request. Ever since he had my Mother's Pumpkin pie it is one of his favorite things.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Roseburg in the Summer

Is the best place to be. Jonathon and I saw Poison at the Douglas County fair, which was pure Roseburg trasher fun. Josiah saw the ocean for his first time. My parents went with us to the Oregon coast and my Dad suggested that we take Josiah to the beach where I saw the Ocean for the first time when I was a little girl. My family doesn't have many traditions and it was nice to get to pass something like that on to my son. Josiah loved the beach. He wasn't a big fan of getting into the Water but really who is a fan of getting into the ocean in Oregon, without a wet suit? I was looking at these pictures today and thinking about what a good time we had. Really life doesn't get much better than this. The simple joys of running on the beach, the fresh ocean breeze and a good family to share it with. Watch Josiah play reminded me so much of my childhood and the time I spent at the Coast when I was little. His delight at finding Crab shells and the Jellies that had was up on shore, reminded me of a little tom-boy I used to know. The best was watching him pull the big seaweeds around on the beach, it must be something intuitive with little kids because Jonathon and I both remarked on how we did the same thing when we were young. Sharing a life with child really is the best way to have a happy childhood.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Halloween Fun

Halloween this year was a lot of fun. Josiah had a school carnival the Friday before Halloween. We  all went and had such a good time. Then on Halloween his class had a pizza party and there was a school wide parade. That night Jonathon, Josiah, and I all dressed up as zombies and went trick-or-treating. I have not dressed-up for Halloween in years, we all had so much fun. Our life is so good. I love my family. 

Salt Lake Pretty Hall's

So I decided to start a blog because my son, Josiah, is almost 3 and he is growing up so fast. His Grandparents live in Oregon and Colorado and I feel like they are missing out on seeing him grow up. So I am setting this up for their benefit. We love our Grandparents and want them to share in Our life.